Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Art Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany 2-handled urn.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Roe Family Crests

The Roe family crest with the 3 paschal lambs hangs in Westminster Abbey.

Scottish Roe family crest with 3 roebucks in red and the blackwatch tartan.

Irish Roe family crest.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mary Jane Singleton

1850 ship passage ticket for Samuel Millward, father of Mary Jane Singleton.

Maternal Great-Grandmother.

Faroe Islands - Medieval Bishop`s Palace

The spectacular Vestmanna Cliffs in the Faroe Islands.


Sunstone - used by the Vikings for navigation.

Roe family crest. A Roe was an early bishop on the Faroe Islands.
List of the Bishops of the Faroe Islands 1047-1067:

Bernhard Sakseren, missionary bishop
Late 11th c. - Ryngerus, missionary bishop
c. 1100-1137 - Gudmund
1138-? - Orm, acquired KirkjubÞur
?-1157 - Matthew I or Martin I
1158-1162 - vacant
1162-1174 - Roe, taught Sverre Sigurdsson, king of Norway after 1184
?-1212 - Sven
(1213)-1214 - Olaf
1215 - vacant
1216-(1237) - Serquirus or Sverker
?-1243 - Bergsven

Bishop Roe of Faeroe or "Roe De Faeroe".

Bishop`s Palace - Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands.